Are you the one we are looking for? We are looking for feminists to intern with us (pro-bono) for a period of 4 months. Please apply if you have a keen interest in the kind of content we generate, have good writing and communication skills, are comfortable working with Canva, and have a good basic sense of design. Awareness regarding intersectionality, trauma, and sharp research skills are important for us.

What will you learn and do at Smashboard? Interns are generally required to work for about 3 hours a day. Flexibility regarding the time of day will be required. You will learn to do almost everything the core members of our team do and you will be assisting them in the day-to-day running of Smashboard's website and other activities of the non-profit. At the end of the training, if we feel you are a good fit, if you wish to continue, and if we have a budget, we will offer you a stipend in Indian Rupees. Pro-bono work is limited to 4 months.

What should you do if you are interested? Please send your CV to us before 15th December, 2021 at info at smashboard dot org. Subject line should contain your name and the word "Internship" (e.g. Reena/Internship).

Do you have questions? Please feel free to send them in your mail that has your CV. Mails with no CVs may not receive a reply.

What to expect once you have applied? We will process your CV and if you clear this stage, we will send you a short online form to fill. After that, we will do a short interview with you over the phone/video call. If you clear all these stages, you will be required to join immediately.

What happens once you join? We are a close-knit team that values empathy and feminist love and solidarity. Our outgoing researcher and core team members will give you a warm welcome and begin your training as soon as you join. We encourage you to take a close look at our website so that you know what Smashboard is all about!

Early applicants will have a slight advantage, so do apply soon!