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  1. Listen actively to Dalit feminists. Respond with feminist love & solidarity rather than with indifference, defensiveness or opposition.
  2. Acknowledge your caste privilege. Do not constantly centre only your own feelings, experiences or perspectives.
  3. Do not speak for Dalit feminists. Do not appropriate the anti-caste discourse to earn social capital or use it for your personal gain.
  4. Amplify Dalit voices, esp those that have informed or inspired you. Do not disengage or shut down if a Dalit feminist is raging but do withdraw if your presence is making things worse.
  5. Speak out and act against casteism in your family, among your friends and colleagues. Say this more often: "That's casteist. Let's STOP!"
  6. Do not try to "lead" Dalit feminists or tell them what they need. You don't know better than them!
  7. Form coalitions with Dalit feminists, keep their concerns on high priority. Do not feel entitled to take over the decision-making.
  8. Don't butt-in when two dalit feminists are in a disagreement. And especially don't gang up to diss either one of them publicly or in your groups.
  9. Dalit feminists are on the frontlines of the battle against Brahmanical supremacy. Be mindful not to oversolicit or retraumatize. Do not expect free labour.