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Mounia Feliachi
Mounia is a French-Algerian antiracist & feminist activist and a blogger who writes about politics, social issues & activism. She's got a management engineer degree and a MBA in digital marketing.
Letter To People Obsessed With "Liberating" Muslim Women
I feel freer when I refuse to be the infantile woman who needs to be emancipated by you. Sorry to disappoint you but I cannot be the delinquent misfit you want me to be either. You want me to fit easily into your boxed stereotypes but excuse me for not giving your hate a free chit.
What First Time Activists Should Know Before Joining The Good Fight
Ten things to keep in mind before plunging into full time activism.
How To Be Anti-Racist
A conversation on racism between two neighbours in Paris brings up questions white people often ask BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour).

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